Complex VB for Injection

1. Name: complex VB for injection

2. Each ampoule (5mL) contains:

           B1 (Thiamine Hydrochloride)       20mg

           B2 (Riboflavin)                               20mg

           B3 (Niacin)                                     20mg

           B5(Pantothenic Acid)                    25mg

           B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride)     100mg

           B7 (Biotin)                                       25ug

           B9 (Folate)                                     400ug

3. Packaging: 5ampoules/tray/box

4. Shelf life: 36 months

Indications and usage

Vitamin B-Complex Injection may help to prevent certain health problems,including:

● Anxiety

● Depression

● Fatigue

● Heart disease

● Premenstrual syndrome

● Skin problems

In addition, many people take a vitamin B complex to increase energy, enhance mood, improve memory, and stimulate the

immune system.

The benefits of vitamin B complex injection

Names of B vitamins



(Thiamine Hydrochloride)

B1 helps the body make healthy new cells. It’s often called an anti-stress vitamin because of its ability

to protect the immune system.



B2 works as an antioxidant to help fight radicals and may prevent early aging and the development

of heart disease. It is also important for red blood cell production, which is necessary for transporting

oxygen throughout the body.



One of the primary uses for niacin is to boost HDL cholesterol


(Pantothenic Acid)

B5 can break down fats and carbs for energy, it’s responsible for the production of sex and stress-related

hormones including testosterone.

It also promotes healthy skin with the ability to reduce signs of skin aging such as redness and skin spots.


(Pyridoxine Hydrochloride)

Along with fellow B vitamins 12 and 9, B6 helps regulate levels of the amino acid homocysteine (associated

with heart disease). Pyridoxine is a major player in mood and sleep patterns because it helps the body

produce serotonin, melatonin and norepinephrine, a stress hormone.



B7 is association with healthy hair, skin and nails, so it also goes by “the beauty vitamin”. It mayhelp people

with diabetes control high blood glucose levels, too. This B vitamin is especially important during pregnancy because it’s vital for normal growth of the baby.



Folate may help keep depression at bay and prevent memory loss. This vitamin is also especially important

for women who are pregnant since it supports the growth of the baby and prevents neurological  birth defects.


Sensitivity to the ingredients listed.


Anaphylactogenesis may occur with parenteral thiamine. Use with caution. An intradermal test dose is recommended prior to

administration in patients suspected of being sensitive to the drug.

Special precautions

The usual precautions for parenteral administration should be observed. Do not inject if precipitation occurs.Inject slowly by the

intravenous route. High concentrations should be diluted using Normal Saline Injection when given intravenously.

Adverse reactions

Mild transient diarrhea, polycythemia vera, peripheral vascular thrombosis, itching transitory exanthema,feeling of swelling of

entire body, anaphylactic shock and death. Sensitivity to the ingredients listed may occur.Use should be discontinued upon

observance of any untoward reaction. Pain upon intramuscular injection maybe noted.

Storage and shelf life

Store below 25°C. Do not permit to freeze.

Protect from light.

Store in carton until contents are used.

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